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Introducing the New & All-Electric

Volkswagen ID.4

Introducing the New & All-Electric

Volkswagen ID.4

Reserve the all-new ID.4

 Galpin Volkswagen is proud to introduce the newest model coming to the VW family, the all-new and all-electric Volkswagen ID.4. The ID.4 is the manufacturer’s first long-range electric vehicle and will be available soon at Galpin Volkswagen. Reserve yours now and avoid any delay when they arrive.

The Volkswagen ID.4 may be the perfect vehicle for LA drivers. While it’s packaged like the Tiguan, it drives like the GTI. Boasting superior aerodynamics, a low center of gravity, and the instant torque associated with an electric motor, the Volkswagen ID.4 performs more like a sports car than a traditional compact SUV.

Electric now looks as good as it feels.

Volkswagen wanted to design their first Electric Vehicle (EV) to not only perform well but to look amazing while doing it. With clean body lines and functional aerodynamic elements, the ID.4 will be sure to turn heads, despite its stealthy quiet motor. The Cabin offers a generous amount of head and legroom for both the front and rear passengers, partly due to the absence of any internal combustion engine. The cabin is also well lit with natural light from its panoramic fixed glass roof, which can be closed by the touch of a button.

Starting at1 As low as Manufacturer Estimated
$39,995 $32,495 (After potential Federal Tax Credit) 250 Miles 201hp

The heart of an EV.
The function and size of an SUV

Here’s how it will work:


Once you’ve reserved and ordered your Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle, you’ll be able to view your configuration on myVW and at Galpin Volkswagen.

From factory to you

We’ll keep you posted on your all-new Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle and its journey to you through myVW. You can track your car as it leaves the factory, travels across the ocean to the US, and arrives at Galpin Volkswagen.

Finance and pickup

Once your Volkswagen ID.4 electric vehicle is available to be picked up you’ll be invited to complete your financing at Galpin Volkswagen-or for the first time ever, online.

myVW and beyond

Your myVW portal is a tool that offers ongoing support throughout your ownership, from monitoring your battery to scheduling maintenance services.

Electric Performance

For its initial launch, the Volkswagen ID.4 will be powered by an 82kWh battery paired with a rear-mounted AC motor, which combined produce 201-horsepower and 228 lb.ft. of torque. In the Spring of 2021, VW will also be releasing an all-wheel-drive version which will produce up to 302-horsepower from two motors.

When switching from traditional gas to EV, drivers will learn to think in range rather than MPG. the VW ID.4 will have a manufacturer estimated range of 250 miles, which is perfect for LA commuters. The ID.4 can be charged at home or in public with an L1 or L2 charging setup, however, Volkswagen is offering 3 years of free and unlimited DC fast charging at Electrify America DC Fast Chargers. These DC charging stations are available along most major US highways and can charge the Volkswagen ID.4 from 5% to 80% in as quickly as just 38 minutes.